Toyota C-HR Honda HR-V comparison

Better sorted springing and damping (and the superior rear suspension) sees the Toyota deliver pleasing handling to coincide with the awake steering and also the SUV-coupe promise. A sporty style that will be accessed via the principal monitor, weights up the steering and, since result systems proceed, delivers a pretty well-judged serving of meat.

C-HR HR-V comparison

The C-HR HR-V comparison steering is limp at the right ahead, and never creates a strong sense of connection, but it’s smooth and light and answers many questions asked of it from the burbs.

Verdict – Winner: Toyota C-HR

From the lead up into the C HR’s launch, you may have envisioned this test for a meeting of the light; the Honda maybe not on the ball, and also the Toyota having a whiff of cynicism concerning it. However, Mr. T has delivered a concept car motivated little SUV that offers appeal, talent and extraordinary value.

Even the HR-V, meanwhile, still stacks up as a pretty high drive, and could very well be the very densely populated in this class.

We like the C HR because of its extra convenience and protection equipment, turbo engine, ride/handling mix, and style. Even the Honda costs less, has got most basics right, and supplies coveted cargo flexibility and space. It is dependent upon if the’S’ or your’s’ takes precedence on your SUV quest, but the C HR’s dynamics and style view that it rides.